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Enjoy a 25% savings with Detroit-Windsor toll and volume discounts.

That's right. Many of our Detroit-Windsor tunnel customers replaced their large trailers with vans and are now saving a lot of money... not to mention helping the environment by using a smaller vehicle.

Check out our Detroit-Windsor Tunnel commercial toll rates here.

If this sounds interesting, you may want to check out the specifications below:

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Specifications:

  • Height clearance = 12'8" (3.8 meters) with a 30º curve in its pillar section

These dimensions permit the Tunnel to accommodate:

  • "A" Trains
  • "B" Trains
  • 45', 48', 5 and 6 axle flatbeds with left axles
  • 45' and 48' trailers with 2 and 4 axle sliders

Get Competitive Toll Rates with our Commercial Credit System

Save time and money with a Detroit Windsor Tunnel Commercial Credit Application

Commercial Carriers:

  • Save time and money with faster processing at the Detroit Windsor Tunnel toll booths;
  • Know your expenses with accurate invoices, including information about each transaction;
  • Stop doing the math and receive automatic fare calculation by vehicle weight;
  • Enjoy quick passage over the Windsor Detroit border; and
  • Relax with easier record-keeping.

Get your Detroit-Windsor Tunnel card in 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign and return the Credit Agreement here.
  2. Tell us how many cards you want.
  3. Get your card in about two weeks!

Your cards will include your company's name, account number and a card sequence number. Here's what a sample of the card will look like:

Save money crossing the Windsor Detroit Border with the Detroit Windsor Tunnel Commercial Credit System

Now, crossing the Windsor Detroit border is faster and easier than ever!

Simply present the card to the toll collector on each trip through the Detroit tunnel, and you'll be on your way!

The system will automatically record:

  • The date and time;
  • Information encoded on the card (account number and card sequence number);
  • The weight of the vehicle on the scale; and
  • The fare to be charged.

The entire transaction takes less than 15 seconds!

You'll receive two invoices of your account activity twice per month:

  1. One for trips originating in the United States payable in U.S. funds
  2. One for trips originating in Canada payable in Canadian funds

Note that the transaction detail will appear on the invoice sorted by card sequence number. The card sequence number will replace truck numbers. For your convenience, we suggest you assign one card to each vehicle. This way, the charges for each truck are grouped together.

How simple is that? You stay organized, save time and money and get to your destination fast!

Get started now with your Credit Agreement here:

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Credit Agreement

Please note that all commercial carriers should be aware of federal regulations before entering or leaving the United States or Canada.

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